The STRATellite
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My name is Matthew Best and I created this site because I believe in the Stratellite technology.  The thought of an
unmanned rigid airship watching and sending communication signals from 65,000 feet for months is an incredible

The Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is currently transforming the Department of Defense from a cold war
mentality, to faster adapting, information based, and tactical war fighting organization.  
Adapting  ,  Transforming  ,   
The Future 2015-2024  ,  Improve Future Logistics  ,  Training for the Future  

The unmanned rigid airship will leapfrog our military capability generations ahead of other countries.   
Smaller/Stronger/Smarter Fighting Force

Imagine a U.S. commander located in Texas could alert troops and aircraft of enemy threats halfway around the
world.  By pointing an invisible infrared laser pointer from a Stratellite, more information could be passed on to the  
field within seconds.    
Stratellite Invisible Laser Pointers   

Soldiers in the field could also utilize higher bandwidth for communication.  
Trauma Pod  ,  Intermediate Network

The web of Future Combat Systems, will include the Stratellite so if satellites are ever knocked out, the military will
have a fast and less costly way to establish contact to the field of operations.
Video 1 , Video 2 , Video 3 , Video 4  

The Stratellite will redefine the communications industry with WiMax technology.  
Intel  ,  Improving Other Industries  
Improving Small Businesses  ,   Intel Improves WiMax Technology
GlobeTel Communications (GTEM.PK)
GlobeTel Being Investigated by  
Securities Exchange Commission
is Kicked Off the AMEX.
We Will Know the Truth Very Soon!
Stratellite Finally Reported on CNBC
Sept. 5th 2006
CEO TIM HUFF, Speaks at the Cowen and Company 34 Annual Technology Conference
at the New York Palace Hotel
June 1, 2006
(One Minute Download)
A Day to
CEO Tim Huff, Shareholders Meeting 6/21/06 (VIDEO)

GlobeTel’s Huff Hopes to Silence Critics with Strong Performance in 2006   2/23/06
By Thomas Catino
The Latest Word on Wall Street
Forget Dan Brown;  Try 'The GlobeTel Code'  1/26/06
By Maxwell Murphy
A Dow Jones Newswires Column
GlobeTel's Wholly Owned Subsidiary Sanswire Networks LLC Announces Successful
Demonstration of Military Prototype Airship 11/16/05
My view on a Lockheed/Boeing Partnership      By Matthew Best  3/2/06
Check Currency Rates
Check Currency Rates
Check Currency Rates
The Stratellite will create and improve real-time
weather, traffic, hazards, area police reports
and direction reports while drivers remain in
their car.
FLIR Systems could possibly be
an important partner in designing
surveillance equipment for the


Fire departments could monitor
all major heat sources within a
metropolitan area.  Fire fighters
could also be able to strategize a
plan of attack before arriving on
the scene.
Internet Pay-Per-View on Demand
Concerts, Sporting Events, TV Series, Movies, and Broadway Plays!
Sports fanatics could watch their game from multiple cameras!  GlobeTel's high bandwidth would
bring high definition pictures and sound of symphonies, rock bands, movies and Broadway plays
anywhere you can power a computer or television!  Watch multiple events at once!

The future is wireless electronic billboards that will market drivers around
the world.  Very little design, maintenance and planning time, creating
lower costs and higher profits over the long term.  
SiliconView Electronic
Billboard.  SiliconView is one of the leaders in this type of technology.

With the Stratellite technology electronic billboards will be placed all over
the cities and countryside.  The Department of Homeland Security, FBI,
FEMA and State Police could also pay for the construction costs so they
could send important messages to drivers in certain locations.

This wireless technology will include gas station price signs, malls, grocery
stores and hotels.  This will make several industries more competitive
across the world.
Bill Gates talks
industry.  Higher
capabilities of
William Cohen became the
Secretary of Defense and the only
Republican in the Clinton

"...Others are engaging even in an
eco-type of terrorism whereby they
can alter the climate, set off
earthquakes, volcanoes remotely
through the use of electromagnetic

-Former Secretary of Defense
William Cohen
Lieutenant Colonel Tom Bearden U.S. Army (Retired). A nuclear engineer, wargames
analyst, and military tactician. Tom Bearden has over 26 years experience in air defense
systems, tactics and operations; technical intelligence, anti-radiation missile
countermeasures; nuclear weapons employment, computerized wargames; and military
systems requirements.  
(There's another world you may not want to know about!)

He is currently with the Alabama division of a large aerospace company where he is
involved in determining the future requirements for laser weapons.

"The wave which Tesla was using is a longitudinal scalar wave, capable of many times
the speed of light.  When coupled with another scalar wave (Tesla wave), the resulting
vector wave can be the source of electromagnetic energy for electrical power, a
protective force field, or a destructive weapon."  -
The Tom Bearden Website
The Visual Ray
The United States has spent
$189 million dollars to
broadcast Television and radio
signals into Cuba.  Most of the
signals are being jammed by
the Cuban government, so of
tax payers money.  However, a
In Afghanistan math teachers use bullets as props to teach lessons in subtraction.  During decades of war, the
classroom has been the best place to indoctrinate young people with their duty to fight.  Government-sponsored
textbooks in Afghanistan are filled with violence. For years, war was the only lesson that counted.

The STRAT could deliver high-speed internet and HD-TV to all classrooms and homes with power.  
With virtual
classrooms, the Stratellite will change the world for young and old seeking knowledge.  WS1 , WS2
The United Nations and the International Telecommunications Organization conducted a summit in
Tunis, Tunisia to help develop better communications infrastructure for developing countries around
the world.  (November 16th to 18th, 2005)  -   PAST SUMMITS
The International Telecommunications Organization will be sponsoring another summit on
December 4th through the 8th, 2006 in Hong Kong.
Recent technology demonstrations, Love said, point to the potential
use of airships to patrol a 500-mile "buffer zone" established
outward from the American coastline.

High-altitude airships, Love continued, could provide
"over-the-horizon" surveillance across North America "and out from
our coastal waters for air, ground and maritime threats."

Use of airships for homeland defense purposes,
McHale explained,
is consistent with DoD's charter to provide "the military defense of
our nation from attacks that originate from abroad." Testing of
prototype dirigibles, he said, demonstrated they "could provide wide
area surveillance and communications capabilities."
Lou Dobbs
from CNN
Maj. Gen.
John A. "Andy" Love
The Stratellite could fly higher, and
away from aggressive Chinese
STRAT network will live in the sky
24/7, electronic evesdropping will
be better and easier!

Iraqi intercepts 2003:
Video 1 , Video 2 , Video 3
Drugs and terrorism is a common
theme in Columbia.  The Stratellite
could be the one thing that sways
the balance of power to the
Columbian government.

Painting targets and
eavesdropping could spell the end
for drug lords.
The BigDog by Boston Dynamics
Multiple Launch Rocket System
(MLRS) by providing allied forces with
real-time information.

kilometers the
MLRS can destroy a
target the size of a football field with
With a range of 32, one rocket.   
V1and  , 60V2 , V3

The Stratellite will make the MLRS
more accurate and
improve training.

Here is a couple amateur radio controlled aircraft in Europe. Vid 1 , Vid 2

With the help of NASA and the Air Force larger unmanned aircraft could
be controlled by Stratellite.

These aircraft could handle extreme G-forces that conventional manned
aircraft can not handle.  
Vid 1 , Vid 2
STRAT, could assist SDI
The Stratellite would be a perfect complement to the Strategic Denfense
Initiative (SDI), better known as the Star Wars defense shield.

THAAD and the Stratellite could be on the frontline of midcourse phase
missile defense.  
Here is an example of a terrorist nuclear missile being
launched from a ship 100 miles off the U.S. coast.  The Stratellite could
assist in cutting the reaction time from incoming threats.

The Iranian Threat : Video One ,
60 Minutes Terror Report :
Video ,
North Korean Threat : Video ,
A recent war simulation called “Millennium Challenge” in 2002, (RETIRED)
retirement to cordinate enemy tactics for the simulation.  Millennium Challenge
was a $250 million war game involving all the branches of the military.  

"There was a simulation which was done in Suffolk, Virginia. Then there were
actual forces, real units in the field, at sea and in the air, out in the
southwestern portion of the United States.  Three days into Millennium
Challenge, we attacked with more cruise missiles from more directions and
more locations at sea and the air and on land than I knew their systems were
capable of handling. And the results? At least in the simulation, they lost 16 U.
S. Navy ships."
-Retired General Van Riper

Van Riper scored his victory by resorting to low tech, guerilla tactics. Orders
were hand-delivered to evade electronic snooping. Missiles were hidden on
fishing boats, small craft rammed battleships in suicide missions. The victory
exposed a weakness within the U.S. defenses and that an unorthodox sneak
attack could cripple U.S. forces.

The Stratellite will strengthen our national system defenses so the enemy can
not overwhelm our military capabilities.
A satellite and stratellite network will be more quick to respond to an attack.  
The key element is faster bandwidth.
Millennium Challenge will help motivate the Department of Defense (DoD) to
consider Stratellite technology.
As new technology becomes available for the U.S. military, the need for troops
will be less of a requirement. This new transformation within the Pentagon is
rapidly underway. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is in the process of
starting a new emphasis on information warfare. For decades the U.S. military
has geared for a conventional war between the Soviet Union, and her allies.

The Soviets relied on shear numbers to overwhelm their enemy with tanks and
troops, while the West depended on a massive retaliation policy involving
nuclear weapons.

"As the branches of the military began to prepare for war against Afghanistan
and Iraq, the top generals of each branch realized that neither of the branches
could communicate to each other. With America on the verge of war, this was
not a good situation"!  
 -USMC General Michael Hagee (Aug 2005)

The U.S. military worked out the problem, but nonetheless exposed a
vulnerability that had to be addressed in the longer term. Integrating
technology among the branches, CIA, NSA, and the FBI is the most critical
goal of the Defense Department. The concept is called “Network Centric
Gen. Lance W. Lord is Commander, Air Force Space Command, Peterson Air Force
Base, Colo. He is responsible for the development, acquisition and operation of the Air
Force’s space and missile systems.

"We are very excited about exploring capabilities in the area known as “Near Space” at
an altitude between 65,000 to 325,000 feet. From our preliminary analysis, we believe
there’s substantial military utility in augmenting our current aerospace capabilities with
fielded capabilities in Near Space. These Near Space platforms are not intended to
replace air or space assets, but rather to help augment and integrate additional

"We have already demonstrated military utility in expanding the range of Army radios
used for contact between ground forces and to conduct Close Air Support operations.
By using affordable platforms like weather balloons, blimps or air ships, we can help
provide much needed persistence and direct support to our theater commanders and
their joint warfighters."
General Lance W. Lord
Smart Bullets - A bullet that can duck around corners to find its mark
this might sound like science fiction. Not to Ron Barret, a professor at
Auburn University's Adaptive Aerospace Laboratory. He's already
constructed and tested the prototype for such a "smart" bullet,
dubbed the Barrel Launched Adaptive Munition (BLAM), that can do
a number of tricky maneuvers in mid-flight.

How does the BLAM work? Each BLAM round is programmed to follow
the trail of a laser beam directed at an enemy target. Signals from the
5¼-inch-long BLAM's tail cause its nose to move left, right, up or
down on command, adjusting the round's trajectory to keep it on
course. There are no near-misses with BLAM, says Barret. Every
bullet scores a direct hit. As a result, a perfectly placed shot can
disable a tank or take down a helicopter. It is a sniper's dream come
true. "Ordinary bullets start losing altitude as soon as they leave the
barrel of a gun," Barret explains. "However, mine can adjust their
trajectories, automatically elevating themselves to counter the
downward pull of gravity. This would significantly increase their
range." The disadvantage of Barret's invention is its high price,
presently estimated at around $120 per round. However, the
Alabama-based engineer believes that if they manufactured in large
quantities, the cost of a single BLAM could drop to around 50 cents.
Barret's BLAM design is currently being evaluated by the U.S. Army.

Could smart bullets range be extended further with laser/broadband
Could the STRAT carry smart bullets as ordinance?

"If we can develop this smart bullet and perfect it we will literally have
bullets with someone's name on it fired from planes and no terrorist
will be able to jump out of his car because he hears a helicopter
-K Kindt  FreeRepublic, LLC, PO BOX 9771, FRESNO, CA 93794  
No longer will laser guided weapons require special
forces, and fighter aircraft.

Scenario: A Syrian convoy of trucks enters the Iraqi unmarked
border.  Miles from any roadway the intruders think they are safe
delivering arms to Iraqi insurgents.  One hundred miles away the
Stratellite paints the enemy target, while sending information to the
closest U.S. Military base.  Within minutes the U.S. base commander
has clearance to destroy the convoy and launches 3 laser guided

Within ten minutes the Stratellite guides the missiles straight to the
target.  No fighter aircraft, or Special
Forces, only the Stratellite communications, and laser guided
Admiral Timothy J. Keating is Commander, North American
Aerospace Defense Command and United States Northern
Command at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado.

"Focusing on emerging technologies to meet our requirements. We
urge Congress to fully fund the following promising initiatives. High
Altitude Airship Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration."

"NORAD, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Missile Defense
Agency, and the U.S. Army are working together to demonstrate the
technical feasibility and military utility of an unmanned, untethered,
long-duration High Altitude Airship. The High Altitude Airship
Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration seeks to build and fly
a prototype high altitude airship in order to validate this capability."

"The goal of the high altitude airship is to provide a long endurance,
geo- stationary, re-taskable multi-mission platform capable of
performing wide area intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and
communications. Battle Control System-Fixed. Battle Control
System-Fixed will improve NORAD`s capability to monitor, track, and
intercept unknown aircraft in the approaches to and within North
American airspace. Battle Control System- Fixed will provide
connectivity with radars and sensors across North America, thereby
giving the United States and Canada a more seamless integrated air
defense capability."  

Congressional Testimony; 3/15/2005
"Role of Director of National Intelligence" - July 28, 05
Gen. Michael V. Hayden is Principal Deputy Director of
National Intelligence, Washington, D.C. Appointed by
President George W. Bush, he is the first person to serve in
this position. General Hayden is responsible for overseeing
the day-to-day activities of the national intelligence program.
He is the highest-ranking military intelligence officer in the
armed forces.

In July 2005, Senator Rick Renzi explained to General Hayden
that the U.S. should spend whatever it takes to watch our
border and assist our southern neighbors with the war on
drugs and terror.

"Whether we are using drones or airships, whatever it may
be....we've got to have actionable intelligence that's
downlinked along the border, not just reactionary on defense
but more proactive along the border."  
Senator Rick Renzi
Paul McHale


"...DoD also assisted the U.S Coast Guard in evaluating sensors and platforms that will
enhance their ability to conduct wide area surveillance to detect, identify, and track
vessels of interest. To this end, the U.S Coast Guard has explored long range radar
systems, UAVs, and High Altitude Long Endurance and Lighter than Air airships..."  
-Paul McHale
Secretary of Defense, Donald H. Rumsfeld:
"Transformation is an ongoing process. It is not something that ends. It is a continuum,
because the world is not static. And it's a process in which we create an effective
fighting force with new ways of thinking, with new culture, and with new ways of fighting,
and, to be sure, in some instances, with new weapons systems and platforms, but also
how they are used together, as we have seen in Afghanistan."
-Donald Rumsfeld
With the proper sensors fixed to the Stratellite, ground soldiers could
be able to see their own location, while spotting where the enemy
and friendly forces are located in the region.

The ground soldier could also paint the enemy target themselves in
a safe location, while launching a laser guided missile to the target.

Giving the soldiers on the ground more capabilities and intelligence
will reduce friendly fire casualties dramatically.  Knowing where the
enemy is located is half the battle.  The Stratellite is a 24/7 eye in
the sky that enemy forces will learn to hate.

Kevin Sites in hot spots around the world, shows the confusion of
war and how infrastructure is needed all over the world!  The
Stratellite can solve many of these problems.
The Department of Defense in 2003
starts to reshape the military budget
with new and different ways to fight
the war on terror.
High Altitude Airships will be a key
An example of  how far
a Stratellite can detect
the boost phase of an
enemy missile launch.  
Located under the
earths atmosphere,
The Strat will give
scientists more options
and capabilities to
detect and destroy
enemy missiles in less
Missile Defense Funding Request   -   March 26, 2004
develop advanced systems to develop laser technology and
laser radar, advanced discrimination, improved focal plane
arrays, and a high-altitude airship for improved surveillance,
communication, and early warning, the general told the

Another $834 million is being requested to buy equipment and
ramp up the testing of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense
program, a capability to engage in the late midcourse and
terminal layers of missile defense. THAAD recently completed
its design readiness review, and development hardware
manufacturing is under way, Kadish said. The THAAD radar
was completed ahead of schedule and rolled out this month.
Flight testing is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of fiscal
2005 at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.    
-Lt. Gen. Ronald T. Kadish
Gen. John P. Jumper is Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force,
Washington, D.C. As Chief, he serves as the senior uniformed
Air Force officer responsible for the organization, training and
equipage of 710,000 active-duty, Guard, Reserve and civilian
forces serving in the United States and overseas. As a
member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the general and other
service chiefs function as military advisers to the Secretary of
Defense, National Security Council and the President.

"I've been intrigued by near space's potential for persistent
space-like effects on the battlefield ever since I first heard
about it," the Air Force's chief of staff, Gen. John Jumper,
wrote earlier this year in a forward to a paper on the subject.
"Near-space has been a cultural blind spot — too high up for
aircraft, but too low for satellites."
-Gen. John P. Jumper
Professor Dr. Bernd Kroplin, is highly regarded throughout the world for research,
design, development and flight testing of technology demonstrators and prototypes
of airships.

Professor Dr. Bernd Kroplin of the University of Stuttgart stated: "I am excited to
continue our working relationship with Mr. Bob Jones, President of Sanswire, and
his team of experts in the field of high-altitude airship design and
telecommunications platforms.
I have seen other large companies attempt to
design high altitude airships, and none of them compare to what we can achieve
through our mutual cooperation.
The world of academia knows that the University
of Stuttgart and my team have been working on high altitude airship design for
many years. In working together with Sanswire Networks LLC, a subsidiary of
GlobeTel Communications Corp as a strategic partner for the design of the high
altitude systems, we will have a significant advantage over our competitors."
GlobeTel Selected Former Astronaut and Space Shuttle Commander
Rick Searfoss to Chair Sanswire Board of Directors

Colonel Searfoss has over twenty-five years experience in aerospace as an
executive, astronaut, test pilot, and fighter pilot. Rick commanded the most complex
life science research space mission ever flown, the STS-90 Neurolab flight on
Columbia. He also recently served as the Chief Judge for the highly successful and
innovative Ansari X Prize competition for the first privately developed reusable
human-carrying spacecraft and consults regularly for numerous entrepreneurial
aerospace ventures.

Videos of Chairman Searfoss:  
Commander Searfoss rises above the
stratosphere , Commander Searfoss Lands Columbia , STS-90 Crew
Robert A. Jones left a nice job at NASA to become President of Governmental Services at Sanswire Networks.  
Robert Jones is one of the most qualified and well connected engineers in the world.  Sanswire Networks is very
fortunate to have Mr. Jones, who has built a world class team with tremendous credentials.  
Hypersonics Flight Demonstration program (HyFly)  ,  Discovery Channel Video  ,  Press Release

“Bob's extensive career in aviation, space, research and development of leading-edge technology, linked with
his skills as a program manager, make him an ideal addition to our Sanswire team. We look forward to his
leadership, technical inputs, perspective, and representation to the public of our exciting and world-changing
technology capabilities.”   -CEO Timothy Huff

"We are very pleased with the relationships that we have developed in the building of our Stratellite program.
These relationships and the technology gained as a result from them have allowed the Company to utilize new
and cutting edge technology, increase production capacity, increase overall performance and continue our
accelerated commercialization of the high altitude airship program."   -President Robert A. Jones

Reconnaissance History, Present and Future
FUNCTION: High Altitude Strategic Reconnaissance
CONTRACTOR: Lockheed Martin Aeronatics
LENGTH: 63 ft (19.2 m)
WINGSPAN: 105 ft (32 m)
HEIGHT: 16 ft (4.8 m)
SPEED: 475 mph (Mach 0.58)
MAX. NORMAL ALTITUDE: 70,000 ft (21,212 m)
RANGE: 7,000 miles (6,090 nm)
ENGINES: 1 x General Electric F-118-101 engine
delivering 17,000 pounds of thrust.
U-2 Spy Plane
FUNCTION: High Altitude Strategic Reconnaissance
CONTRACTOR:  Lockheed Martin (Skunkworks)
LENGTH: 107' - 4" (32.73M)
WINGSPAN: 55' - 7" (16.94M)
HEIGHT: 18' - 6" (5.63M)
SPEED: 2,200+ MPH (Mach 3.5+)
WEIGHT (MAX. TAKE-OFF): 140,000 LBS (52,250 KG)
MAX. NORMAL ALTITUDE: 85,000+ ft (26,150+ m)

SR-71 Black Bird
Reconnaissance System
Manufacturer: General Atomics
Wing Span: 49 feet
Length: 27 feet
Height: 6.9 feet
Propulsion: Rotax 914 four cylinder engine producing
101 horsepower  
Range: 400 miles
Service Ceiling: 25,000 feet  
Speed: 84 mph (up to 135 mph)
Endurance: est. 24 hours  
First Flight: January 1994
Crew: 0
Function: High Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial
Reconnaissance System
Manufacturer: General Atomics
Wing Span: 49 feet
Length: 27 feet
Propulsion: 914 four cylinder turbo-charged 78 kW
Range: 400 miles
Service Ceiling: 50,000 feet  
Speed: 150-170 kts (260 knots max)
Endurance: 24 hours  
First Flight: Year 2001
Crew: 0
UAV program in February 1999 due to budget cuts.
Given a trade-off between stealth and range, the
Air Force chose the range of Global Hawk over
Darkstar's stealth.

Function: High Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial
Reconnaissance System
Manufacturer: The Lockheed Martin/Boeing
Wing Span: 69 feet
Length: 15 feet
Height: 3.5 feet
Service Ceiling: est. 45,000 feet  
Speed: 454 mph
Endurance: 8 hours  
First Flight: March 1996
Crew: 0
RQ-3A DarkStar
Function: High Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial
Reconnaissance System
Manufacturer: Northrop Grumman, Ryan Aeronautical
Wing Span: 116.2 feet
Length: 44.4 feet
Height: 15.2 feet
Wing Area: 540 square feet
Propulsion: One Rolls Royce (Allison) AE3007H Engine  
Engine Thrust: 7,150 lbs  
Range: 16,566 miles
Service Ceiling: 65,000 feet  
Speed: 454 mph
Endurance: 42 hours  
First Flight: 28 February 1998
Crew: 0
RQ-4 Global Hawk
Function: High Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial
Reconnaissance System
Manufacturer: Sanswire Networks
Wing Span: Custom Sizes
Length: Custom Sizes
Height: Custom Sizes
Wing Area: Custom Sizes
Propulsion: N/A  
Engine Thrust: N/A
Range: N/A
Service Ceiling: est. 70,000 feet  
Speed: N/A
Endurance: 18 Months  
First Flight: Testing Scheduled February 2006
Crew: 0
Sky Dragon
In Design
Dimensions:  Wingspan – 8m   Length – 8m
Avionics:       UMASTM
Engine:         Lycoming 160 Hp
Weights:       MTOW – 800 kg   Max payload weight – 400 kg
Capabilities: Cruising speed – 90–150 knots   Service ceiling – 25,000 feet
48 ft.
Length: 34 ft.
Weight: 5,245 lbs.
Engine: One General Electric J97-GE-100 turbojet
Crew: None

Cruising speed:
Range: approximately 2000 miles
Endurance: approximately 4.5 hours
Operational Altitude: 78,000 ft.
Photography: coverage of an area 1,720 miles long
and 43 miles wide
Penetrating High Altitude Endurance
Compass Arrow
UAV's are the Future - Popular Mechanics Magazine Article
National Public Radio Audio Report  4/13/05
The EP-3 Survaillance Aircraft
Improving Soldiers Capabilities
The benefits of a Stratellite:

The Strat will be placed 13 miles above the earth, while a satellite is an estimated 22 thousand miles above the
earth.  The difference allows the Stratellite to send and receive much higher bandwidth to and from the earth’s
surface.  The sending and receiving of higher bandwidth signals is critical to the Stratellites versatility and how it can
change practically every industry in the world.  

2. The Strat can remain in the stratosphere for about 18 months, and can be retrieved for refitting and upgrading.

3. The cost of a Strat is about thirty million dollars, while a satellite is about one to five hundred million and turns into
space junk after 10 or 12 years.  However, solar flares from the sun have hurt the life endurance of satellites in recent
years.  The life expectation of satellites is somewhat uncertain at this time.

4. The Strat could be placed over disaster areas within 24 hours of notice.  Hurricane Katrina devastated
communication infrastructure, but with the Strat all cell phones and
other communications would have worked during
rescue and recovery operations.  In the next few months, look for the U.S. Congress to consider the Strat for disaster
relief for future contingencies.
STRAT, could assist fire fighters
Video 3                           Video 4
Sanswire One Discovery Video:
April 13th, 2005 Unveiling
Video 1                           Video 2
GTE, could improve disaster relief
First Responder Video
GTE, will solve bandwidth dilemma
Article on "Trauma Pod"
AGM-130 Laser Guided
STRAT, could paint targets
THAAD Anti-Missile Defense
Tsunami Detection Buoy
New Vertical Visual Capability
STRAT, could detect tsunami's
Project HARRP
STRAT could assist HARRP
STRAT, could assist AWACS
STRAT, could control squadrons
Boeing Unmanned Aircraft
STRAT, could replace EP-3
STRAT, could fight the drug war
Subject: CUBA
U.S. Senate Debate Airships
STRAT, could track RFID Cards
Human & Car License RFID
Police could know where you are without leaving the station
National I.D. System
STRAT, could track Hostages
Human RFID chips
STRAT, could Improve Air Control
Possible 3D Displays
Improve travel Schedules
The Hospitality Industry
STRAT, Brings the world together
Worldwide Cell Phone Service
Voice Over Internet Protocol
Airbourne Laser
STRAT, to assist the ABL Boeing 747 ?
STRAT, could track enemy subs
Foreign Nuclear Submarines
Wireless WiMAX Technology
Weather Forecasting
Improved Weather Forecasts
The Farm
The Ranch or Farm
RFID Cattle Tracking
Future Soldier
High Bandwidth!  WHAT IF???
Robotic Police
Smart Ammunition and the STRAT ?
Smart Ammunition
STRAT, could assist Kiowa Warrior
Bell OH-58D "Kiowa Warrior"
Car Industry
Mobile Communication
Home Appliances
Waterways & Sea Ports
Protection of Waterways & Ports
Improve Home Security
Home Security
U.S. Congress
The Support From Congress
Sen. Rick Renzi & Gen. Michiael Hayden
The Biochip and the STRAT
The Verichip
Improving Radio Signals
Radio Stations
Internet, Phone, & TV Services
Transportation Industry
Wireless Utility Meter Reading
Utility Industry
Improving Project Echelon
Intelligence Gathering
High Bandwidth will Transform
The Computer Industry
Field Soldiers Intelligence
Defending Nations
Improving Teleservice
The Echelon Corporation
Improving Efficiency
Anti-Personnel Land Mines
Helping Detect Land Mines
GPS Land Surveying
Improving The Survey Industry
Satellite Radio Industry
Fragmenting Satellite Radio
Replacing Hubble Telescope
Protecting Cities from WMD
Improving Emergency 911
Microsoft enters Business Intelligence 10/24/05 (AngelBeat Report)
The Strat will Improve Business Intelligence
European Police
Scotland Police have used Airships for Intelligence Gathering
The Strat, RFID, and the Future
Tracking Hazardous Materials
Consumer Goods Industry
STRAT Improving Distribution
The STRAT & RFID Smart Labels
STRAT will Increase Throughput while Decreasing Expenses
Could STRAT help Manipulate Weather?
Secret Weather Projects
The Mobile Office
STRAT Improving Mobile Office
Wireless Electronic Billboards
The Billboard Industry
QRIO (Sony)
Japan 2001
Germany 1998
ASIMO (Honda)
Japan 2000
STRAT, Could Control Future Robotic Army!  WHAT IF??
Robot Solders
Sanswire One Photo
Assist Crop Rotation
Mantaining Home Appliance
What is VoIP?
HotZone Wireless WiMAX
What is WiMAX ?
GTE, Improving Competitiveness
Car Service without a pit stop
Homeland Security  A1 , A2 , A3
Anti-Tank Missile
STRAT, could extend missile range
STRAT, could assist ABL
Improving Soldiers Intelligence
'06 Homeland Security Appropriations
Detecting Boost Phase Missiles